Final Portfolio for your IPAT Internship

Final Internship Portfolio: To earn full academic credit, students compile and submit a 4-part portfolio at the conclusion of their internship. The detailed version of portfolio requirements and the course syllabus will be made available when students are registered. A condensed version of the portfolio requirements is listed below.

Part 1: Learning Objectives  Interns review and reflect on their three SMART goals/Learning Objectives. 

Part 2: Literature Review  Interns choose a piece of peer-reviewed literature related to their internship experience, cite and reflect on the article, then submit a response to specific questions. 

Part 3: Internship Evaluation  Interns are asked to evaluate three things: their contribution as an intern; the agency/internship-site; and the School/IPAT. 

Part 4: Appendices Weekly journal and hour logs as well as additional supporting material are included in the appendices.