Kless Sustainability Fund Committee

The Kless Sustainability Fund  Committee is comprised of the following representatives (according to the Bylaws):

  • Five students, two of which must be ASUM Senators
  • One representative from Facilities Services
  • One faculty member of Environmental Studies
  • One faculty member from Missoula College

Advisory Vote Members

  • Committee chair, the ASUM Sustainability Coordinator;
  • Representative from the office of the Vice President of Administration and Finance or their designee
  • ASUM Business Manager

Current KRELF Committee Members

  • ASUM Sustainability Coordinator (interim fill-in spring 2022)
  • Brian Kerns, Energy Manager
  • Eva Rocke, Sustainability Coordinator (representative from VP Admin and Finance) 
  • Lisa Swallow, Missoula College Instructor
  • Len Broberg, Environmental Studies Instructor 
  • Emma Kiefer, AUSM Senator
  • Jack Kuney, ASUM Senator
  • Elani Borhegyi, Student at Large 
  • Sam Gilbertson, Student at Large
  • Jack Rinck, ASUM Business Manager

Meeting Minutes