Approved Projects

Upgrade Heaters in ASUM Bus Garage

The project proposal is to replace three conventional natural gas heaters in the UDASH bus garage with more efficient far infrared heaters. The new heater models will use 30-50% less natural gas while keeping the bus garage more comfortable for workers.

Project Leader: Jordan Hess
Location: ASUM Bus Garage
KRELF Funds: $5,250.00

Covered Bike Parking

Completed bike parking structure on west side of the University Center.
Completed bike parking structure.

The League of American Bicyclists has designated the University of Montana as a Gold-Level Bicycle-Friendly University since 2013. In order to maintain this designation, we must continue to develop bicycle infrastructure and a cycling culture on campus. Cyclists at the University of Montana have repeatedly requested short-term use covered bike parking. As the primary sponsor of bike programs on campus, the ASUM Office of Transportation is leading the initiative to provide covered bike parking. The bike parking shelters will be constructed in central locations on campus to ensure a high volume of use as well as a fast turnover for daily commuters. The shelters will protect bicycles from the elements, such as rain and snow, lengthening the life of the bicycle.

Project Leader: Freya Sargent
Location: West side of the University Center, south side of Urey Lecture Hall, and/or north side of Lommasson Center
KRELF Funds: $5,000.00

Turner - LA Sprinkler Automation

This project would entail coordinating with an outside contractor to dig up and install an automated coupler system over the summer. Facility Services has already reached out to a specific contractor who has done the majority of the university sprinkler systems over the last five years, including the oval. Facility services plans to work with this outside contractor to assist in plumbing, electrical, and grounds keeping work.

Project Leader: Kaden Harrison
Location: Between Turner Hall and the Liberal Arts Building
KRELF Funds: $18,000.00

UM Energy Corps 2016

I am requesting $2500 from KRELF to support a 6-month, full time Energy Corps service member who will coordinate and report on a variety of energy assessments for campus including: a plug and process load inventory, assessment of behavior change opportunities for faculty and staff at UM, the potential for server center consolidation across campus, and energy conservation outreach related to these items.

Project Leader: Eva Rocke
Location: Service member will conduct his/her work across the UM campus and will have an office in Facilities Services
KRELF Funds: $2,500.00

Grizzly Pool Lighting Project

Replace the out of date lighting system at the Grizzly Pool with a more energy efficient, longer lasting LED based system.

Project Leader: Steve Thompson
Location: Grizzly Pool
KRELF Funds: $10,000.00

Sustainable Food Systems Intern Project

The Sustainable Food Systems Intern project is a stipend-funded position to support a student's work of completing the two main objectives of 1) conducting the Real Food Challenge calculator assessment of 2015-16 UM food purchases and 2) bolstering awareness and use of the Grizzly Green on-campus farmers market.

Project Leader: Hope Radford
Location: N/A
KRELF Funds: $1,000.00

Residence Hall Recycling Bin Project

To build upon our previous success in introducing recycling bins into the Residence Halls, we would like to provide recycling bins in all of the remaining residence halls. We have seen that recycling has had a positive impact on our residents, as well as on the environment. Again, the recycling bins will have informational stickers included to further inform residents of the recycling options on campus. Providing these bins to the other halls will further increase recycling and awareness in these areas, as well as promote environmentally friendly programs throughout the halls.

Project Leader: Lydia Killea
Location: All Residence Halls
KRELF Funds: $8,200.00

Smart Buildings Initiative Completion of Auxiliary Buildings Digital Meters


Install digital smart meters on 6 remaining auxiliary buildings.

Project Leader: Damien Ritter
Location: Curry, Todd, Craig, Duniway, Elrod, Turner, Washington Grizzly Stadium
KRELF Funds: $60,000.00

Longboard racks to support sustainable transportation.

Longboard rack with student project leader

The racks will support sustainable transportation by enabling longboard, skateboard, and scooter riders to secure their boards in a designated area just like bicycle users. Having a safe place to lockup boards will encourage more ridership, but also keep boards out of buildings where they can become fire and liability hazards. The racks are aligned with the University of Montanas stated sustainability initiatives and will help decrease the carbon footprint of the student population.

Project Leader: Graydon Myhre
Location: Recreation Center, Urey Underground Lecture Hall, Liberal Arts Building
KRELF Funds: $991.56

Establish a Photovoltaic Solar Array at the University of Montana West Campus

The idea behind WCSI is to provide an investment opportunity for the University of Montana that can also be used as a learning tool and lab site for students. This investment would also be part of the UMs carbon neutral goal by providing energy to West Campus. All of this is possible because WCSI is using the economy of scale to provide the most cost effective, per installed kilowatt, of any solar array currently installed at the University of Montana.

Project Leader: Ryan Carson
Location: West Campus
KRELF Funds: $30,000.00

UM Dining Services Lommasson Center 10 kW Solar PV Array

Solar array

The UM Dining & Lommasson 10 kW Solar Array represents a prime opportunity for The University of Montana to strengthen its commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, improve its relationship with the community, and underscoring its determination to reduce operating expenditures. The Project holds the unique prospect of partnering with UM Dining to enhance their current sustainability operations. The 10kW array would represent The Universitys largest renewable energy project to-date, expanding UMs renewable energy portfolio by approximately 65%. The Array will provide valuable educational benefits to both current and future students while emphasizing community partnerships to solve global issues.

Project Leader: Mark Hansen
Location: Lommasson Center
KRELF Funds: $15,500.00

Water Bottle Filling Stations

Unnecessary disposal of plastic water bottles has a significant impact on our carbon footprint and takes up valuable space in our landfills. While a single bottle may not pose substantial CO2 emissions, large quantities of these bottles do hold enough merit to raise concern for the environment. Allowing students and faculty better options to refill their own reusable bottles will help lessen both consumption and disposal of plastic bottle waste. With the successful implementation of several water bottle filling stations in place already, adding two more within SoBA will allow continued ease and convenience for those who desire to utilize these appliances. Requested funds of product and install estimated at $580.00. With the support of the Kless Revolving Energy Fund, we can make a sizable difference on our environment and community alike.

Project Leader: Grant Martin
Location: School of Business Administration-Gallagher Business Building Second and Third Floors
KRELF Funds: $1,300.00

Variable Frequency Drive for the Grizzly Pool

The purchase and installation of new main circulation pump at the Grizzly Pool that includes the application of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). VFDs can make a very positive difference in both maintenance and energy consumption. A VFD is an electrical device, that is designed to monitor and protect a swimming pool filtration pump, and vary the frequency (speed) of the motor in order to provide a specific flow rate (gallons per minute) during the day and during closed hours. Our current pump runs 24/7 at 100%. By employing a VFD the pool pump could run at 90-100% during use hours and dialed back to 50-60% or lower outputs during non-use hours. This can equate to some real energy savings!

Project Leader: Gillian Ellison
Location: Gizzly Pool
KRELF Funds: $29,000.00

Residence Hall Recycling Bin Project

We would like to begin the implementation of recycling bins within residence hall rooms in order to increase awareness and usage of the recycling opportunities. Our project will be completed in stages, the first of which we are requesting KRELF funding. Individual recycling bins will be placed in every residence hall room across the campus. Recycling bins will also include information on the side of the bins about what to recycle at the University of Montana in order to passively educate students. Providing these bins will provide ease of access to residents as well as remove the necessity of creating recycling boxes themselves. In addition, in the near future the Residence Life Office will be looking into providing recycling bins on every floor of the residence halls, with a pilot test building occurring first. This future addition will provide even greater convenience for residents and therefore incentivize recycling.

Project Leader: Isabelle Jeffries
Location: All Residence Halls
KRELF Funds: $8,925.00

ASUM Childcare Worm Composters

We would like to buy four worm compost bins to put in to the two ASUM preschool facilities. The excess food that is normally thrown away after snacks and meals can be put into these composters to be processed by worms. The compost will be transferred to some ASUM Garden facility after that.

Project Leader: Megan Perry
Location: ASUM Childcare facilities- McGill Hall, Craig Head
KRELF Funds: $385.00

Eco-Reps 2015

The University of Montana Eco-Reps are sustainability advocates and educators within the residence halls. The strive to connect residents with sustainability initiatives on campus and the UM Climate Action Plan. We host events promoting sustainable lifestyles on campus, such as recycling box decoration, homemade laundry detergent making, and cider pressing. Our ultimate goal is to reduce our carbon emissions to assist in carbon neutrality by the year 2020.

Project Leader: Tommy Colligan
Location: University of Montana
KRELF Funds: $7,800.00

2014/15 Residence Hall Eco Reps

This will be the third consecutive year of the UM Eco Rep program! KRELF funds provide a small stipend for the 5 Eco Reps who will be our student sustainability educators in 2014-15, small program costs, and will cover the fees for 2 Reps to attend the AASHE conference in Portland in October 2014. Eco Reps work within the UM Residence Halls to educate their peers about sustainability issues, UM's Climate Action Plan, and Missoula-area sustainability efforts.

Project Leader: Hope Radford
Location: Knowles, Miller, Turner, Aber, and Pantzer Halls
KRELF Funds: $7,800.00

Carbon Offsets to Mitigate Air Travel

Using this grant money, we will purchase offsets for 10% of the annual business-related air travel for the University of Montana, approximately 1,131 metric tons of CO2e. According to Fiscal Year 2010 data, the University traveled by air for 14.6 million miles, and produced 11,319 metric tons of CO2e. Offsets are available through multiple providers, and we are considering either ClearSky Climate Solutions or Sterling Planet for our offset purchase. ClearSky, a Missoula-based climate justice organization, offers to help the University identify a specific and appropriate offset project to support. Renewable energy provider Sterling Planet also offers a variety of offset options, and allows for bulk purchases at reduced rates.

Project Leader: Christopher Olsen
Location: University of Montana Environmental Studies
KRELF Funds: $5,655.00

Student Recreation Center Climbing Wall Lights

Theater-style lighting fixtures in the climbing wall area will be replaced with 12 LED fixtures that require less maintenance and have longer bulb life and use less energy.

Project Leader: Larisa Carter
Location: Student Recreation Center
KRELF Funds: $18,300.00

University Center Reusable Water Bottle Campaign

The Take Back The Tap subcommittee of Climate Action Now (CAN) is working to promote awareness of the environmental and social impacts of disposable water bottles. Increased awareness and the hype over the new water bottle fillers will help displace the sales of disposable water bottles and direct the demand towards the bottle fillers. An increase in the usage of the water bottle fillers should also be used as a means to raise awareness of other on campus sustainability efforts. We think that putting the KRELF logo or some form of advertisement for the KRELF Committee would boost student recognition of sustainability projects funded by KRELF.

Project Leader: Gillian Ellison
Location: University Center main floor
KRELF Funds: $1,782.00

KRELF Energy Savings and Emissions Reduction Estimation Project

It is proposed to hire to student, undergraduate or graduate, to estimate and report on electricity and natural gas savings and associated GHG emission reductions from KRELF projects. Robin Saha, or another able and willing, KRELF committee member, would supervise the students. it is proposed that the student would work a total of 100 hours on this project, approximately 10 hours per for for 12 weeks during the Spring 2014 semester. All estimates, assumptions and calculations will be shown and documented in a spreadsheet. In addition, the student will write a report describing the purpose of the analysis, the methods, results and conclusions. The purpose is to help the KRELF Committee evaluate the overall effectiveness of KRELF-funded energy projects,to more effectively communicate the benefits of KRELF projects to the campus community and others about the demonstrable benefits the Fund, and to asses the contribution of KRELF to the University's climate goals. Estimations of non-enery-related resource conservation benefits of KRELF projects can also be undertaken if time allows.

Project Leader: Robin Saha
Location: Not applicable
KRELF Funds: $1,207.80