In Honor of Sonny Kless

The University of Montana’s Kless Revolving Energy Loan Fund (KRELF) was established in honor of late student and UM sustainability advocate, Sonny Kless. The following was taken from the April 26, 2011 press release announcing Sonny’s reception and renaming event at UM:

University of Montana alum, Sonny Kless, spearheaded one of the nation's first university funds to support student-designed energy efficiency improvements on campus. Former ASUM Sustainability Coordinator, Jessie Davie, explains, “Sonny was a go-getter, a determined environmentalist and activist.” His determination was evident as he worked tirelessly during the 2008-09 school year to pass UM’s fund. Kless died tragically in a plane crash on June 27, 2010.

Kless’s legacy will live on. UM’s Revolving Energy Loan Fund, which students have the option to pay into each semester, was recently named the Kless Revolving Energy Loan Fund (KRELF).

Sonny’s family continues to play a supportive role in seeing UM’s sustainability and environmental studies programs move forward. For this and all the amazing projects  KRELF has supported, we offer our thanks.