Collection Endowments

The Collection Endowment Initiative invites you to consider a gift to The University of Montana's Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library that will provide critically needed funds to acquire, preserve, and make accessible library materials. Collection endowments begin at $25,000 and the library invites donors to make a single gift or to build an endowed fund over several years. 

Following is a partial listing of collection endowments created to date; more will be added on a continuing basis.

Arts and Music

  • Frederic K. Garrison & Fredrica A. Garrison Library Fund for Art


  • Ellsworth and Mabel Nelson Library Endowment Business Resources

Humanities and Social Sciences 

  • Otto Bessey Memorial Non-fiction Resources
  • Gertrude Merritt Memorial Award World Literature Books
  • Mirrielees Memorial Library Fund for Chaucer Resources
  • The Wayne K. Cumming Fund
  • Robert L. Schafer Library Endowment Humanities and Social Science Resources
  • Paul Chrisler Phillips Memorial Fund


Library, Archives and Special Collections

  • Arthur K. Burt Library Endowment
  • Mnemosyne-Minerva Fund
  • Marion McGill Smith Endowment
  • Campaign Library Archives & Collections
  • Katherine Schaefer Library Fund
  • Mansfield Library Book Acquisition Endowment
  • Alfred and Florence Golde Library Endowment
  • Jesse W. & Ruth Long Library Opportunity Fund 
  • Fred and Kay Voget Archives Fund

Sciences and Technology

Pharmacy and Allied Health

Special Funds

  • Theta Rho of Delta Delta Delta Library Fund
  • Joseph FitzGerald Library Endowment for Honors Resources
  • Ruth and Joseph FitzGerald Endowment for Student Scholarships