Projects, Plans, and Reports


The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library FY24 Projects align our efforts with the University of Montana's FY24 Playbook, which contains eight key long-term objectives. These objectives shape library strategic priorities and resource allocation towards innovative and generative initiatives, as reflected in our current projects. The Mansfield Library's Mission, Vision, and Value statements, as well as the charge of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, are interwoven into our current projects. These projects will play a pivotal role in focusing our work this year to best meet the educational and research needs of University of Montana campus and community members. We invite you to review these projects and share your feedback.

Mansfield Library FY24 Projects (PDF)


The Mansfield Library Priorities for Action (PFA) aligns with the University of Montana’s five priorities for action and helps the Library achieve strategic goals and expertly utilize Library resources. These ambitious and iterative PFAs guided us through three years as Library employees continually referred to them in their work. Throughout the timeline, we revisited the PFAs to determine our progress and impact on the University of Montana community and adapt accordingly. You can find the final report below. 

Mansfield Library Priorities for Action 2021-2023 (PDF)

Mission, Vision, and Values

2021 Mission, Vision, and Values


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