Evers Library Endowment for Forestry

Irene Evers served as the much-loved forestry librarian at The University of Montana from 1959-1997. She began her library career with the School of Forestry in 1959. When Ms. Evers and the school's collection moved to the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library in 1976, she was named Assistant Science Librarian. Ms. Evers' love for students and faculty kept her working long past the age that most have stopped. Upon her retirement in 1997, she held the distinction of being the University's longest-serving staff employee. Cards and letters poured in from across the country celebrating her contributions to the University community. For nearly two years following her retirement, she continued to volunteer her time doing what she loved best -- helping others.

Irene Evers died in 1999 leaving a bequest to the Mansfield Library to establish the Evers Library Endowment for Forestry, which enables the Mansfield Library to subscribe to journals, to purchase books and to acquire other priority resources needed by School of Forestry students and scholars. A rendition of the distinctive ornamental relief placed below each window of the historic School of Forestry Building at The University of Montana is incorporated into the design of the bookplate that adorns materials acquired with the fund.