Virtual Reality Equipment

The Mansfield Library offers VR services by allowing users to check out VR headsets.

The library is pleased to offer four Meta Quest 2 VR headsets for short-term checkout. These headsets do not require a wired connect or a high-end computer. Users can bring this technology home or to your departments for use and evaluation. Loan requests can be made at 

Virtual Reaility Equipment Information


  • Only currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff members of the university are eligible to borrow VR headsets.
  • Borrowers must have a valid university ID card and a library account in good standing.

Reservation and Loan Period:

  • VR headsets must be reserved by contacting
  • The loan period for a VR headset is seven days.
  • Specific loan dates cannot be guaranteed
  • Renewals are not allowed but a different unit may be checked to extend your time pending availability and the discretion of the program manager. 

Usage Guidelines:

  • Borrowers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the VR headset's setup, instructions, and safety guidelines.
  • The VR headset should be used in accordance with the law, the manufacturer's recommendations, and the library's policies.
  • Users should not modify or tamper with the VR headset's software or hardware.
  • Users are advised to use the VR headset in a safe environment and take precautions to prevent accidents or injuries. This includes but is not limited to;
    • A space free from trip and fall hazards, 
    • A space devoid of objects that could be damaged should you make contact.
    • A space free from pets, children, or over-caffeinated roommates that may unexpectedly walk into your path. 
    • A secured, safe space.  

Liability, Overdue and Damage:

  • Borrowers are responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of the VR headset while in their possession.
  • A penalty fee or replacement cost will be charged for any lost, damaged, or unreturned VR headset components or accessories.
  • Improper resets or jailbreaking units will result in replacement charges being assessed.
  • Modification in any way will result in replacement charges being assessed.
  • Equipment replacement charges will be based on the current cost of replacement components plus shipping from the manufacturer.
  • Should an unforeseen event occur that prevents you from returning the equipment on time, contact to speak with the program manager so that reservation holders may be notified.
  • Overdue fees are $11 per day. 
    • $10 per day for the Headset
    • $0.50 per day for each controller 
  • After 14 days, the overdue fines will be added on top of a full replacement VR headset fee. 
  • All equipment is the property of the University of Montana and remains so under state law even if replacement costs are assessed and paid. 

Account, Data and Privacy:

  • Use of Oculus headsets require a Meta account and are subject to the Meta environment, terms, and conditions. 
  • Borrowers should be aware that their usage of the VR headset or apps may involve data collection, including tracking of movements and interactions outside of the library’s control. Read all end-user license agreements carefully before agreeing.
  • Users should follow privacy guidelines and refrain from sharing or storing personal or sensitive information while using the VR headset.
  • Borrowers are fully responsible for their own account and are responsible for all items purchased, viewed, downloaded, or accessed. 
  • The library will reset the headset each time it is returned, exclusions including a valid court-ordered search warrant or hardware damaged to the point the reset is not possible. 
  • Your Meta account will not be accessible to library personnel nor can the library help you access it. Ensure that you safeguard your account. 
  • Your free games and all purchases in the Meta environment will remain available to you. It is not dependent on a specific VR headset. This allows future use of the VR headset more streamlined or an easy transition should you decide to purchase your own. 
  • Support and Assistance:
  • The library does not provide technical assistance with the VR units. 
  • Borrowers should promptly report any technical issues or concerns to library staff so that a replacement unit (if available) can be exchanged and staff can troubleshoot the problem. 


  • The library makes no guarantee of the availability or functionality of specific VR applications or experiences.
  • The library is not responsible for any discomfort, motion sickness, or adverse effects experienced during VR headset use.
  • While the library will do its best to keep the units charged for the next use, scheduling, late returns, and general battery draw may mean you need to charge the headset before use. 
  • Users are advised to logout of their Meta account before returning the headset. Additionally, a factory reset is recommended.