Digital Marketing Certificate

Interested in a Career in Digital Marketing?

Both Marketing and Management Information Systems students must be skilled users of data and understand the role of quantitative data in decision making. Employers in a variety of fields, such as advertising agencies and non-profit organizations, expect such proficiency. This certificate program teaches students skills in online and social media marketing and e-commerce, bridging the fields of marketing and MIS to develop students to pursue careers in this field.

Develop the skills for successful career opportunities in:

  • website design
  • social media marketing
  • digital marketing analytics
  • online marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • Wordpress, Flicker, Tumblr
  • content marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • mobile marketing (location-based marketing and geo-tracking)

To obtain the Digital Marketing Certificate (DMC), students must:

  • complete all requirements for at least one College of Business major;
  • meet with the DMC Advisor (Dr. Clay Looney or Dr. Jakki Mohr);
  • complete the following required courses:
    • BMIS 372 Information Infrastructures
    • BMIS 373 Business System Analysis & Design
    • BMIS 478 E-commerce
    • BMKT 420 Online and Social Media Marketing 
    • BMKT 342 Marketing Research
    • BMKT 460 High-Technology Marketing
  • complete one of the following courses:
    • BMIS 365 Bus. Application Development
    • BMIS 479 Intro to Consulting
    • FORS 250 GIS
    • MAR 101L Intro to Media Arts
    • MAR 102 Digital Technology in the Arts
    • MART 111A Integrated Digital Art
    • MAR 340 Principles of Web Design
  • complete the DMC application
  • receive an average GPA for all the above courses combined of 3.0