Sustainable Construction Technology

Day to day

  • Student paying attention in class


    Students in the Sustainable Construction program at Missoula College learn a variety of woodworking skills, such as sanding, planing, joining and finishing, as they each constructed their own cutting board.
  • House frame

    House Frame

    Finished framing on the inside of a house being built by the Sustainable Construction program at Missoula College.
  • Paying attention in class

    Paying Attention

    Originally from Russia, Missoula College student Alex Fair came to the Sustainable Construction program after living in Houston, TX. After completing the program, Fair looks forward to jumping into the job market in the building industry. He is particularly interested in building log homes.
  • Students working


    Students in the Sustainable Construction program at Missoula College work on the student-built house in January 2021.
  • Student making a measurement


    From Missoula, Dawson Wahl-Meixner is a student in the Sustainable Construction program at Missoula College. Along with the potential employment opportunities he will be prepared for, he is excited to learn building techniques in order to be able to build things for himself.
  • Students paying attention to the instructor in class


    Students in the Intro to Woodworking class at Missoula College progress through the steps of making a cutting board. Along the way they learn the necessary math involved, how to use various pieces of power equipment, how different types of wood impact design decisions, and a host of other things. Here, instructor Walt Wilson teaches a concept to his students.

Sustainable Construction Technology

The Sustainable Construction Technology program offers students an opportunity to gain real and valuable skills in a hands-on learning environment. There are a number of different degree paths. Ranging from our 2-year associate degree, to certificates that can be gained while pursuing an associate, or independently. Interested in construction but lacking the basic skills to find work? Enroll in our Job Site Ready program and walk out the door confident and prepared to step on the job site within a matter of weeks. 

Why Sustainable Construction Tech?