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The Job Site Ready ("JSR") micro-credential is a job-preparedness program designed to equip learners with the work experience and essential skills to start an entry-level job in the Construction trades. Applicants will walk away with exposure to tool use and maintenance, materials handling, workplace safety, industrial practices, and project management. The program combines classroom and hands-on experience, concluding with onsite training offered several times a year and in locations all across Montana.

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Program Components

The Job Site Ready micro-credential is a 45-hour program, divided into 30 hours of online instruction and 15 hours of onsite training. Learners are required to complete the online portion of the program first, at a 70% pass rate.

Online Instruction

  • 10 units of unique topics
  • 30 hours of online content
  • Self-guided and self-paced
  • Pass/fail assessment
  • Entry and exit career aptitude tests provided

Onsite Training

  • 1 guided workshop
  • 15 hours of onsite training
  • Small groups, dedicated instructors
  • Access to job site materials and tools
  • Step-by-step project build
The online portion can be done at home, at the learner's own pace. Onsite trainings are offered intermittently throughout the year, at several locations across the state. Upon completion of the online portion at a 70% pass rate, learners will be given the opportunity to register for the next onsite training that best suits their time or location needs.

Cost and Fees

Non-credit: The cost of the program is $750, and includes access to 30 hours of online instruction and 15-hours of onsite training. The cost of onsite materials is included in this price.

Credit: University student may register for the 3-credit course OSH 130 (Occupational Safety and Health 130: Industrial Trades Safety Training) and earn credits towards their degree or graduation total. The cost of onsite materials is not included in tuition and/or other course fees at this time.


To earn certification, the online portion of this program must be completed at a 70% pass rate before proceeding to the onsite training. It contains 10 units of self-paced learning, broadly summarized below.


Unit 1: Opportunities in the World of Construction

Unit 2: What to Expect Your First Day on the Job

Unit 3: Common Construction Materials

Unit 4: Hand Tool Safety and Use

Unit 5: Power Tool Safety and Use

Unit 6: Rigging, Hand Signals, and Working Around Heavy Equipment

Unit 7: Marking, Measuring and Basic Construction Math

Unit 8: Construction Drawings and Basic Plan Reading

Unit 9: The Basics of Carpentry and Rough Framing

Unit 10: The Basics of Concrete in Construction

Credit Options

Credit and Dual-Credit: Students at participating institutions can take JSR for credit hours towards graduation, as long as they register for the program at the credit- or dual-credit level.

Non-Credit: For learners who do not have a creditized option, they can register through the provided CampusCE links at the cost of $500. Proof of participation will be given upon completion of the JSR program. 

Extended Learning: Not currently offered. In the future, community members can take one or more of the JSR program components at single-price or package cost. Please check back frequently for updates.

Enrollment and Registration

If you are interested in getting degree credits, you must enroll in the course OSH 130 through Missoula College.

Credit students can enroll in OSH 130 at the start of each academic semester. View the University of Montana academic calendar for registration times and deadlines, or schedule an appointment with your Missoula College academic advisor.

Students aged 16-19 at participating high schools can apply for early college credit using the early-to-college Dual Enrollment program. Reach out to your school counselor for more information.

All other registrations outside of Cyberbear must go through CampusCE. Payment will be collected through this interface at the time of registration.

Participating Institutions

  • Gallatin College
  • Bitterroot College
  • Great Falls College
  • City College at MSU
  • Hellgate High School
  • Missoula College
  • University of Montana

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