About Us

NSILC (Natives Strengthening Indigenous Languages and Cultures), is organized under Hinono'eitiit Hoowu' inc, a federally recognized nonprofit body, for the specific purposes of aiding the teaching and perpetuation of Indigenous languages and cultures. To this regard NSILC will work toward creating educational opportunities for preschool age through to adulthood for individuals and communities to enhance the learning of Indigenous languages and cultures.

The activities of NSILC serves to facilitate educational and humanities focused research, projects, conferences, and workshops. Money generated from any of these activities shall be used toward conitinuing these activities, including that of the Arapaho language and culture program, maintaining a facility within which the instruction of language and culture can occur and the general financial needs for the operation of various programs, workshops and conference of the organization. To this regard, NSILC will serve as an educational and training resource toward maintaining teaching centers, depositories for archival materials, and contemporary materials that relate to the study of the language, culture and history of North American Indigenous peoples.

Other activities of the organization will include conferences, educational programs, and training workshops for Indigenous North American peoples, as well as the general public, to further enhance and advance the understanding and importance of Native scholars and scholarship, and Native languages and cultures. To this regard the organization will research teaching techniques, curriculums, and educational methods conducive toward the teaching of Native American languages and cultures to benefit preschool aged children through to adults. The organization will also endorse and finance research, the publication of educational materials that will enhance the histories, study, teaching, and learning of Indigenous cultures, in conjunction with the revitalization of Indian languages.