Mission Statement

NSILC (Natives Strengthening Indigenous Languages and Cultures), has adopted the following philosophy to express its views and mission regarding its role toward the education, training and general strengthening of Indigenous languages and cultures.

It is the Mission of NSILC to guide individuals, regardless of ethnic background, and community to understand that:

  1. The values, culture and spirituality of Indigenous peoples are embodied in their languages and cultures.
  2. Language is a life force of the people through which their culture is transmitted.
  3. Indigenous North Americans, as culturally unique groups with distinct histories, should be maintained and understood.
  4. Human beings are spiritually linked and responsible to each other and the environment.
  5. Learning through language strengthens cultural perspectives and contributes to a greater sense of self-awareness and the ability to be more culturally diverse.
  6. Traditional values, which embrace a cultural perspective, should be maintained as an important and integral part of Native communities.
  7. Learning is a life long process to be nurtured in a variety of settings that can include conferences, symposiums and workshops.
  8. All individuals, regardless of ethnic background, possess unlimited potential to learn and develop.
  9. Different approaches and strategies can be used by learners to access various sources of knowledge.
  10. People of all ages, regardless of ethnic background, can benefit from educational opportunities, such as research, publications, conferences, and workshps offered by NSILC.

July 1, 2004