The Fourth RIVAS 2024 Conference

RIVAS conferences are held to support and raise public awareness of Indigenous academics and speakers whose cultures have helped shape American linguistics, archeology and cultural anthropology. In acknowledgment of the contributions of Indigenous Peoples globally, people are invited to submit an abstract for a paper, or register to attend.  Questions about abstract submissions can be emailed to:

Keynote Speakers

Anthropology Scholar Dr. Pei-Lin Yu - Gardening Heritage among the Amis Indigenous People of Eastern Taiwan: Reflections on Food Sovereignty

Blackfoot Scholar and member of the Montana House of Representatives, Tyson Running Wolfe “ Aaotoomakiiks - those that walk first “  The development of leadership in Blackfoot culture.

Naga Scholar Longshebeni KithanCultivating Resilience: Indigenous Agricultural Folklore and Food Sovereignty

 The RIVAS conferences aim to provide and promote: 

  1. a venue for the exchange of ideas and constructive debate,
  2. a platform for rising Indigenous scholars to present their work and connect with a wider scholarly network, 

  3. Indigenous points of view on current local and global phenomena, histories, and issues,

  4. discuss about and raise awareness on positive trends and obstacles that still hamper the participation of Indigenous scholars within an arena of global academic discourse,
the exploration of past, present and future Indigenous experiences in both academic and non-academic contexts.

Times for open discussions with speakers constitute a fundamental component of the conference and will be made available to the public at specified times each day during the conference.

For questions about the history of the conference or the reason the conference was created contact

For information on the work of the Indigenous federal nonprofit Host NSILC, see

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