Clinical Faculty Affiliates

The clinicians and health care professionals listed below are members of UM’s Neuroscience program because of their interests in neuroscience and their desire to help advance our mission in educational and research. Their addition provides an exceptional source of clinical expertise for collaborative research projects examining CNS disorders or involving human subjects, as well as adding a valuable medical perspective to our neuroscience courses.

Headshot photo of Abdallah (Abe) Elias
   Abdallah (Abe) Elias, MD, FAAP, FAAFP, FACMG
   Medical & Laboratory Director, Department of Medical Genetics
   Shodair Children’s Hospital, Helena MT
   Genomic Medicine
   Genetics of Neurological Disorders
   Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Headshot photo of Peter Von Doersten
   Peter Von Doersten, MD.
   Otolaryngology, Neurotology
   Rocky Mountain ENT, Missoula MT
   Auditory System Neurophysiology & Neuroanatomy
   Diseases of the Auditory System
   Cochlear Implants & Sensory Signal Processing

Headshot photo of John Schaeffer.
   John Schaeffer, DO
   Providence Neurology Specialists
   Alzheimer’s Disease
   Movement Disorders
   Headache & Neuromuscular Diseases