Tips & Tricks

  • DELETING A FORM A form can be deleted only when it’s listed under the “WORKING ON” or “NOT APPROVED” sections of the Submission Status Menu.
  • DELETING A RECORD There’s a "Delete" button for each record within a submission (and a "Delete Form" button for each form -see above).
  • BROWSER NON-COMPATIBLITY Be aware of an error message: “Your browser is not compatible with U-Approve” displayed to a user with a newer versions of IE. The solution to remove this obstacle is to remove the umt domain as a compatibility view site. Compatibility view will run the application as if it were using an older, incompatible version of IE.
  • SAVING A RECORD Clicking an individual record's "Save" button can only be done when the entered data is valid for the current record. Save every record before clicking the form's final "Save" button.
  • SAVING THE FORM Clicking a form's final "Save" button stores only the main form data.  Open records within the form have their own save button (like a route), require their own "Save" action to be stored.
  • SUMMARY REPORT Displays what is currently saved. If the Summary Report doesn’t match the form, then the form information hasn’t been saved.
  • UNDOING A RECORD Clicking "Undo" after adding a single record (before save has been clicked) will remove the record.
  • ALERTS & ERRORS There are alerts and error messages that prompt users throughout the interface to address invalid data entry or require and action. Each alert dialogue box should be addressed and closed prior to saving and submitting a form.