Math Placement

Math placement at the University of Montana (UM) is based on a combination of these criteria:

  • ACT or SAT Math scores
  • Pre-requisite courses (e.g. dual enrollment, AP/IB/etc., transfer courses, other college-level equivalents)
  • High school GPA and senior year math courses 

Students who do not place into math courses will utilize EdReady Montana to determine placement level.

The diagram at the following link provides an overview of math placement and course sequencing at UM based on a variety of measures (ACT, SAT, GPA, current and previous math placement exams): Math Placement Chart

I need to take the math placement exam. How do I enroll?

Undergraduate students new to UM (including transfers)

  • All admitted undergraduate students who need to complete the EdReady placement in order to register for math courses at UM will be automatically enrolled in EdReady shortly before the advising phase of Bear Tracks begins.
  • Watch for an email from EdReady Montana with detailed instructions on how to complete math placement requirements.
  • Please do not complete the Maplesoft math placement exams in Moodle unless you are instructed to do so.   


Continuing students already attending UM

Complete the form at

  • Enter your name, date of birth, demographic information, email, grade level, and 790#.
  • For "Why are you choosing to take the EdReady Montana program", choose "To take the math placement"
  • Complete the rest of the form (major, last math course taken, etc.) and submit.

You will recieve an email with detailed instructions within a few days.


After you complete the EdReady placement

Once you complete the initial placement diagnostic, EdReady Montana generates a customized study plan to provide an opportunity for you to learn, fill in any gaps, and improve your placement level.

You can either take that opportunity to raise your math placement up a level or two in order to be able to register for a higher math course, or you can accept your initial score if you feel that accurately reflects your current knowledge.

Go to the EdReady Score Breakdown webpage to view what scores are necessary for which math courses, and what your next steps are after taking the initial diagnostic.

To learn more about EdReady Montana, visit