The Pedagogy Project

With support from the Faculty Development Office (Office of the Provost), the Pedagogy Project currently sponsors the Small Group Analysis Feedback Program and Classroom Observations.

students in econ class

Small Group Analysis (SGA) Program

*Due to COVID-19, we have adapted the mid-semester feedback process for Spring 2021. SGAs will take place on Zoom for courses where students meet synchronously and remotely. Observation will be available for all course modalities. SGAs for fully online courses are being piloted this semester. Questions can be directed to Melanie McGrath or Charlie Palmer.

Each year a group of faculty participate in the Small Group Analysis Program of the Pedagogy Project, an opportunity to give and receive feedback on classroom instruction. This small group analysis process allows instructors to receive feedback from their students while their course is in process. An outside facilitator asks students to identify 1) what aspects of the course are enhancing their learning; 2) what could be improved to enhance their learning; and 3) what they can do to enhance their learning. The questions are responded to in small groups and on an individual basis in anonymous process conducted with the instructor out of the room.

Those participating commit to:

  • Attending a two hour-long training session on the basic feedback model (to be held early September).
  • Scheduling mid-course feedback sessions in two classes in the fall and two in the spring during which another evaluator would conduct the half-hour long feedback sessions.
  • Conducting two half-hour feedback sessions for another instructor in the group.
  • Compiling the results of the feedback sessions you conduct and going over them with the instructor.
  • Meeting with the evaluator who conducted feedback sessions in your classes.