Strategic Operating Rhythm

Strategic Operating Rhthym

A strategic operating rhythm defines a set of recurring interactions required to advance the operating performance of the University. It ensures that vital activities such as determining institutional priorities, executing on those priorities, and assessing progress and outcomes, are performed in a consistent manner and to a high degree of excellence. 

Strategic Operating Rhythm in development

UM is in the process of establishing and testing a new strategic Operating Rhythm that will integrate the following:

  • Ongoing strategic thinking and planning
  • Annual updating of the Priorities for Action Strategy Playbook
  • Strategy-driven and responsible budgeting, including data-informed decision-making that aligns resources with institutional strategy as well as fiscal management that allows for sustainability and strategic growth
  • Effective and timely implementation, including executing on strategic priorities, distributing responsibility, tracking progress and adjusting as needed
  • Continuous, rigorous assessment of activities that ensure operational effectiveness