Office of Strategic Planning and Implementation

Office of Strategic Planning and Implementation

The Office of Strategic Planning and Implementation (OSPI) advances UM’s mission and distinction by facilitating and communicating UM’s strategic thinking and implementation processes.


OSPI supports campus efforts to generate, refine, and prioritize mission-aligned ideas; to translate those ideas into action; to monitor progress on key initiatives; and to support leaders accountable for progress. These OSPI functions are meaningfully integrated with UM’s planning, budget and accreditation processes. Because our enrollment initiatives are critical in our strategic planning efforts, annual strategic enrollment planning is integrated into the work of the OSPI.

The OSPI works with the University of Montana community to accomplish the following:

  • Gather and sharpen promising and strategic ideas that will advance UM’s mission and distinction
  • Prioritize and refine ideas for implementation
  • Facilitate implementation through support and layers of accountability
  • Monitor progress and facilitate data-informed adjustments
  • Communicate progress and results
  • Update annually UM’s priorities for action strategy playbook
  • Align institutional planning, budgeting, and assessment efforts