UC Game Room

You know what they say about all work and no play? At the University Center Game Room, we are completely devoted to the pursuit of fun!

We may not be able to help you pass that quantum physics exam, but we sure can show you a good time. There's something for everyone at the UC Game Room, so grab your friends and come hang at the most fun place on campus!

Do you have some time to kill between classes? The UC Game Room offers comfortable seating, TVs, video gaming, table tennis, billiards and much more!

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(406) 243-2733

Fall Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sat - Sun: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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2nd Floor of the UC


Billiards/Table Tennis: $4/hour
Locker Rentals: $10/semester or $15/year

Reserve the Game Room:

Contact Conference & Event Services at (406) 243-4119


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The Game Room offers several one-credit courses in Billiards, Table Tennis, and eSports during the Fall and Spring semesters.

MART 191 eSports Courses

  • MART 191 Fundamentals of eSports
    Like to play video games? Want to dedicate some time to practice techniques and strategies that will make you a better player, and, earn credit at the same time? The UC Game Room is offering a brand new eSports 1-credit class! Fundamentals of eSports (MART 191) covers the basics of eSports, is available both online and in-person, and is graded Credit/No Credit based on attendance and participation. Your instructors are UM Esports players, who will pick a variety of games to showcase during the semester's curriculum. You will learn the rules, concepts, and mechanics of each, and the semester concludes with a gaming tournament. Register today!

ACT 151 Billiard Courses

  • ACT 151 Fundamentals of Pocket Billiards
    This course covers the fundamentals of several billiard techniques. Curriculum includes an 8-Ball and 9-Ball tournament and thorough knowledge of rules. Instructors are fluent in all popular billiard games, strategies, history and equipment. Graded Credit/No Credit.
  • ACT 151 Intermediate Pocket Billiards
    Offered as a course focused on improving your skills. Intermediate Billiards will cover the game of Billiards more in depth and offer more difficult games such as Straight Pool, trick shot knowledge, and snooker. This class will also give students the opportunity to play against more experienced players. Graded Credit/No Credit.

ACT 143 Table Tennis Courses

  • ACT 143 Fundamentals of Table Tennis
    This course will cover the fundamentals of table tennis. Topics will include terminology, serving techniques, knowledge of forehand and backhand drives, push, loop, block, flipping, smash, lob, etc. An in-class tournament will also be offered. Graded Credit/No Credit.
  • ACT 143 Intermediate Table Tennis
    Offered as a course for players to enhance their skills. Instructors will cover strategies and playing with spin on the ball. This class will give students the opportunity to play against more experience players and will offer an in-class tournament. Graded Credit/No Credit.

All course equipment is provided by the UC Game Room

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