Writing and Public Speaking Center Assessment

Taking a Reflective Stance

In the Writing and Public Speaking Center, we take a reflective stance by engaging in meaningful assessment practices. We embed assessment into our day-to-day work, using a variety of assessment instruments that provide us with continuous feedback. We aim to assess our impact on student behaviors, attitudes, and performance as well as our influence on faculty teaching practices.

In short, we assess the extent to which we transform educators and communicators, not just the artifacts they produce. Our ongoing assessment cycle allows us to:

  • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses in Writing and Public Speaking Center programming
  • Demonstrate the impact of our interventions on students' communication habits and educators' teaching practices
  • Understand the relationship between tutoring and retention
  • Reveal areas for consultants’ professional development
  • Identify populations we successfully serve and populations we undeserved
  • Gather data that will help us marshal resources to support student retention

Graphic showing writing center instrucments being used to inform our assessment cycle

Our objectives and associated outcomes align not only with UM's mission and strategic vision but also with nationally set standards for supplemental instruction and writing and public speaking instruction. The Writing Center's objectives and outcomes sit at the heart of our continuous efforts to understand our impact and improve our programs.'

Graphic showing national standards; UM's mission, vision, and values; and our efforts to partner for student success funneling into our objectives

Note that each objective includes an associated set of outcomes (see Writing and Public Speaking Center Assessment Plan).