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The Writing and Public Speaking Center is eager to work with you at any point during a research, writing or presentation project, both in-person and online. We are open Sunday through Friday--visit our online scheduler to see our availability and to reserve an appointment. 

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Online Appointments

To access your online meeting:

At your appointment time, log in to the scheduler, click on your appointment box, then click on the Zoom link. To get the most out of your session, please have your assignment prompt and whatever you've written so far open on your desktop. Plan to use a device with a screen large enough to see documents.


Our consultants help students at any point during a research, writing or presentation process and with any communication task.

Quotes and Testimonials

 "Your presentation was so valuable to the students. You provided them with tips for effective writing, for structuring an argument, and for using resources available to them. It was wonderful, and I hope to work with the Writing Center every year."


Professor Lois Muir, Psychology