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At the University of Montana, you can join a community extraordinarily committed to learning both in the classroom and beyond.

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At UM, our dedication to student success and dynamic learning environment prepare you to be a positive force in a changing world. We offer a diverse array of academic programs, allowing you the flexibility to explore your interests and find a course of study that suits your unique strengths.

The academic experience at UM will challenge your mind and bring your dreams to life. You can thrive at UM.

Kaci Felstet - Journalism

Kaci Felstet

I travelled to India with 30 School of Journalism faculty and students during Wintersession in January 2014.  The main focus of this trip was to conduct environmental reporting on the problems India faces due to its increasing population. I spent a week in a remote village located in a tiger reserve and rep ...
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Nora Sutherland - Creative Writing

Nora Sutherland

I presented my discovery of Creative Writing via the sciences at the Luncheon on Inspired Learning, part of Celebrate Academics 2014. I was surprised at how engaging the event was. It was heartening to see so many professors and administrators express concern and search for ways to make the classroom more personal, ...
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Levi McClelland - Structural Biophysics

Levi McClelland

Events such as Celebrate Academics provide a great forum for cross-disciplinary engagement and sharing of ongoing scholarship campus-wide.  Presenting my research on conformational changes of cytochrome c, a protein that undergoes a structural change as it transitions from functioning in cellular energy pro ...
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Tarun Gupta - Neuroscience

Tarun Gupta

At the Luncheon on Inspired Learning, part of Celebrate Academics 2014, I was asked to share my learning experiences at UM with faculty members, graduate students and administrators, and describe what drives me academically. I talked briefly about the implications of emerging evidence in neuroscien ...
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Jeremy Lurgio - Journalism

Jeremy Lurgio

My creative work has entailed photojournalism for magazines, newspapers and online publications but my most significant and exciting work has been the multimedia storytelling project, Lost & Found Montana.

In 2000, the Montana Department of Transportation ...
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Kim Ledger - Division of Biological Sciences

Kim Ledger

In November 2013 I attended the National Collegiant Honors Council (NCHC) Conference in New Orleans to present my poster titled Impacts of a global invader, Solidago canadensis, at home and away. My research, in collaborati ...
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Cara Saxon - Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Cara Saxon

I was one of two University of Montana representatives at the annual Biomedical Engineering Society’s (BMES) national meeting in September 2013. At the meeting, my research mentor Kevin Trout and I presented the research we conducted last summer at the University of Montana’s Center for Environme ...
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Dan Reisenfeld - Physics & Astronomy

Dan Reisenfeld

For as long as I can remember, my passion has been space exploration.  A child of the Star Trek/Star Wars era, the lure of what might be “out there,” and the idea of us someday working and living in space inspired me to pursue a career involving one of humankind’s greatest ende ...
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Beth Lo - Art

Beth Lo

My personal artistic research has revolved around my Asian American heritage with particular focus on issues of family and cultural marginality.  Since the birth of my son in 1987, I also created works in what I call the “Good Children Series,” and published two children’s book ...
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