UM Accreditation

Accreditation by NWCCU:

The University of Montana has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities since 1932.

Accreditation by NWCCU is not granted permanently or for a definite number of years. It is an ongoing status that must be reaffirmed periodically. Every institution is to conduct a self-study and be visited by an evaluation committee at least every seven years. The University Assessment and Accreditation Committee is responsible for preparing the reports that show that UM is meeting NWCCU Accreditation standards.

The accreditation standards are intended to guide institutions in a process of self-reflection that blends analysis and synthesis in a holistic examination of:

  • The institution's Mission;
  • The translation of the Mission into assessable objectives supported by programs and services;
  • The appraisal of the institution's potential to fulfill the Mission;
  • The planning and implementation involved in achieving and assessing the desired outcomes of programs and services; and
  • An evaluation of the results of the institution's efforts to fulfill the Mission and assess its ability to monitor its environment, adapt, and sustain itself as a viable institution.

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If you have questions about UM's accreditation by NWCCU, please contact Claudine Cellier, Accreditation Liaison Officer, at 243-5718.