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Upcoming Event! Urban Forest Awareness Walk and Picnic

The City of Hamilton and Bitterroot College are joining together to sponsor a Tree Walk and Picnic to bring awareness to the urban forest. This is a great opportunity to take a walk around town and learn a bit more about the benefits trees provide and the issues they face in an urban setting. The walk is anticipated to take approximately 45 minutes and will culminate with light refreshments.

Time, Day, & Date: 6-8PM, Thursday, June 4, 2015

Place: Starts at American Legion Park (223 S 2nd St); ends at Kiwanis/River Park (375 S 9th St)

Walk Leader:  Sylvia McNeill, ISA-Board Certified Master Arborist & City of Hamilton Urban Forest Consultant

Information tables will be set up at Kiwanis/River Park including:

Download Urban Forest Awareness Poster

Check out the slideshow of 5 items below:

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