Bitterroot College

The Bitterroot College connects a diverse rural community to a wide array of learning opportunities. We achieve student success, lifelong learning, and community engagement through responsive and accessible academics, workforce preparation, and enrichment programming.

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  • Slide Title: Bitterroot College Moving Crew Slide Caption: Bitterroot College Moving Crew~new digs!~103 S 9th Street, Hamilton
  • Slide Title: Student with art work Slide Caption: Studio Art at Bitterroot College
  • Slide Title: Commercial Driver License (CDL) Student Slide Caption: Commercial Driver License (CDL) Program at Bitteroot College
  • Slide Title: Anatomy and Physiology Students and Instructor Slide Caption: Anatomy and Physiology at Bitterroot College
  • Slide Title: Student with Native American Studies Research Project Slide Caption: Research at Bitterroot College