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Summer Semester at The University of Montana is the perfect opportunity to focus and explore. We offer four different sessions:
First 5-week session:      May 27 - June 27
Second 5-week session:      June 30 - August 1
10-week session:      May 27 - August 1
Special sessions:      May 27 - August 22
Important Dates and Deadlines 

Focus. Fulfill your general education and major requirements, replace a grade, lighten your credit load for Fall or Spring, or get that course you've been worried about out of the way. Summer Semester provides shorter terms and smaller class sizes for more than 750 courses, including more than 100 general education courses.

Explore. Gain a fresh perspective, sample a major, or discover something new inside the classroom without sacrificing fun outside. Summer Semester offers special topics, elective courses, and a variety of schedules, including 4-day weeks and online courses. 

Summer Semester also provides an opportunity for educators to receive academic credit for teacher recertification and upward salary mobility without formal admission to The University of Montana. Visit Extended Courses for more info.
Summer Semester at the University of Montana, Put more summer in your summer, 3 day weeks = 4 day weekends
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