Guidelines for Limited Submissions

When a program announcement limits the number of submissions per institution, the following steps will be taken:

As soon as ORSP learns of a limited submission, a broad email will be sent requesting Statements of Intent to Submit (SOI).

At a minimum, the solicitation email will contain:

  • a link to the program announcement;
  • the sponsor application deadline;
  • the internal deadline, ideally six to eight weeks before the sponsor application deadline;
  • the requirements for the Statement of Intent, typically: 1) a brief description, 2) a list of users and programs impacted by the activity, and 3) budget.

Statements of Intent to Submit will be evaluated by the Vice President for Research.  Others may be included at his/her discretion.

All individuals submitting Statements of Intent will be notified whether or not their SOI was selected to advance to the proposal stage.  Ideally, if selected to go forward, four to six weeks of lead time will be given for the preparation of the full proposal.

Full proposals will meet all expectations and internal deadlines as required of any proposal submission, and will be processed accordingly.

Example of Email Notice

Please forward to appropriate faculty & staff in your department:

NOTE:  Prior to preparation and submission of a complete proposal, it is the PI’s responsibility to clarify specific submission requirements with the sponsor. 

Limited Submission

  • NSF 10-529:  “Major Research Instrumentation Program”– Limited to 3 proposals, a maximum of 2 submissions can be for instrument acquisition. Complete details at
    • If 3 proposals are submitted, at least one submission must be for instrument development. 
    • Statement of Intent due to ORSP ( by 5 p.m., Friday, February 26, 2010,
      • Proposal Application Due Date:  April 21, 2010

Faculty or other eligible UM PI's interested in submitting must provide a Statement of Intent that includes a:

1)    brief description of the proposed project and senior personnel (approximately 1-2 pages);
2)    list of the users and programs impacted by the proposed equipment; and,
3)    estimated budget, short budget narrative, and plan for cost sharing (30% non-federal cost sharing is required).

The Statement will be evaluated by the Vice President for Research who will select the proposals to go forward.

Response from VPR review by Monday, March 8, 2010