Standard Six: Governance and Administration

Supporting Documentation

Required Documentation

RD 6-01:  Board and committee membership with a brief background statement on each board member, including term(s) of office and compensation (if any) for board service. Indicate which board members, if any, are employees of the institution.

RD 6-02:  Organization charts or tables, both administrative and academic, including names of office holders with a notation of any changes since the last accreditation visit.

Required Exhibits

RE 6-01:  Articles of incorporation and bylaws.

RE 6-02:  Board policy manual, together with the agenda and minutes of the last three years of meetings.

RE 6-03:  Administrative policy manuals.

RE 6-04:  Administrative position descriptions.

RE 6-05:  Staff Handbook.

RE 6-06:  Salary data (including ranges if applicable) and benefits for administration and staff.

RE 6-07:  In multi-college systems, organization charts of central office, description of functions of central office personnel and their relationships to institutional personnel, and administrative or policy manuals of the system.

RE 6-08:  Collective bargaining agreements, if any.

RE 6-09:  Constitutions or bylaws of faculty and staff organizations, with minutes of meetings, for the last three years.

RE 6-10:  List of currently active committees and task forces with names and on-campus phone numbers of committee or task force chairs.

Suggested Materials

SM 6-01:  Reports to constituencies, including the public.

SM 6-02:  Charter or constitution of student association.

Other Supporting Materials

OSM 6-01:  Inversion Report

OSM 6-02:  Gender Salary Differences Report

OSM 6-03:  Sample Communication Plan for Policy Implementation

OSM 6-04:  Board of Regents Academic Program Plans