If you are interested in promoting health, preventing disease and enhancing the quality of life for your community, UM's program in public health is for you. As a student, you will gain the knowledge, skills and experience to tackle real-world health problems using scientifically sound and culturally competent strategies. You will graduate prepared to work in a variety of settings including nonprofit health organizations, public health departments, community-based health agencies and primary health care sites such as hospitals and clinics.


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Certificate Options

The Certificate in Public Health is ideal for individuals who currently work in a public health setting but may have no formal public health training, those who wish to update their public health training, those who work in related fields and wish to broaden their knowledge of public health issues and concepts. This 12 credit certificate is available entirely online.

The Certificate in Public Health Administration is great for individuals who wish to broaden their understanding of public health and health care systems at the global, national, state and local levels.  This 12 credit certificate is available entirely online and is a good way to get started on the Master of Public Health degree program.

The 12-credit Certificate in Epidemiology provides an overview of epidemiology, the basic science of public health. Students are taught the principles and methods of epidemiologic investigation and an overview of relevant biostatistical applications, including the basis for conducting and interpreting epidemiologic studies.

The Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences will have a focus on examining the relationship between the environment and human health. This includes the impact that environmental contaminants and other environmental issues (air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, hazardous waste, climate change, etc.) have on rural and underserved populations of the Northern Rocky Mountain region.

The Certificate in Global Health (CGH) brings together faculty and courses from across the university in an integrated program that prepares students in the health sciences, public health, and the practical social and cultural dimensions of implementing health and wellbeing programs in disadvantaged contexts. Students explore links with global health challenges and prospects from the perspective of diverse fields of graduate study. The certificate fosters a unique learning environment built around international and interdisciplinary studies.

The Certificate of Rural Health Leadership gives students students the opportunity to enhance their professional health degree with coursework that focuses on the unique nature of public health initiatives and issues in rural settings. Students explore the unique personal and professional demands associated with rural health care provision, select a track focusing on either multicultural/indigenous health care issues or global rural health, and complete a rural experiential practicum.