EITA Implementation Plan

“Accessible technology is a leading topic in higher education right now. Campuses that are behind are going to be in trouble. Campuses that are ahead are going to have opportunities. We are a campus that’s ahead.”


The University of Montana has implemented a policy on Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) addressing the following areas:

  • Web accessibility
  • Instructional materials accessibility
  • Document accessibility
  • Electronic media accessibility
  • Software, hardware, and systems accessibility
  • Procurement

The policy was adopted in accordance with a resolution agreement UM signed with the Office for Civil Rights in March 2014. 

Resolution Agreement

An OCR complaint was filed against UM in the spring of 2012. In response, UM formed the EITA Task Force to help draft a UM policy and coordinate necessary support activities. UM signed a resolution agreement with the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights on March 7, 2014. Staff Senate, Faculty Senate, and ASUM vetted the agreement in accordance with UM's tradition of shared governance. The agreement specifies requirements and processes, including:

The University is committed to taking the actions specified in the agreement and will provide OCR with reports, data, and other information in a timely manner in accordance with the reporting provisions of the agreement.