Undergraduate Finance Degree Program

Expectations of Finance Graduates

The finance curriculum is designed to equip students with a comprehensive foundation in financial management, financial markets, and investments. Students will gain experience in effective decision making, performing complex analyses, providing expert financial advice, and utilizing current technology tools and data sources. A finance degree can lead to exciting careers in Banking, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Financial Planning, Corporate Finance, Economics or International Finance.

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BFIN 205 - Personal Financial Planning and Investment Open to all UM students; the course has been specifically created to empower students pursuing ANY MAJOR with financial knowledge needed to handle personal financial decisions - for life. There are NO PREREQUISITES for this course. BFIN 205 is designed to guide students through central concepts of life’s financial decisions - from personal budgeting to investing. Students learn how to analyze financial situations and investment opportunities. The course provides fundamental knowledge about managing finances and making smart decisions and has been approved as a Social Science elective.

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