Business Major Check Sheets

Upon completion of all lower-core courses with a C- or better in each course, students apply for a business major in Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, or International Business (in combination with one of the majors listed previously).

To learn more about a certain major and the courses in the business curriculum unique to that major, you may click on the hyperlinks below.

Major Check Sheets: 2022-2023 Catalog (this catalog is effective only for students who started at UM during the 22-23 school year. If you are a continuing student, look on DegreeWorks or contact the Student Success Center to see if your catalog has different requirements)

Certificate Check Sheets: 2022-2023 Catalog

Archived copies of check sheets from previous semesters are available upon request from the Business Student Success Center. You should use the checksheet that corresponds with your first year at UM.