Student Testimonials

John Beltrone (BS Accounting, 2011)

Audit Associate/KPMG - Anchorage

"Looking back I am thankful for the department's commitment to preparing me for the workforce. The faculty's connections with employers was highly beneficial as they kept current on important job skills and incorporated them into their lessons. Additionally, I got several opportunities to work on experiential learning projects. This not only gave me exposure to the work environment but also allowed me to showcase my skills and network with potential employers."

Shannon L. Hicks (MAcct, 2010)

CPA/Langel & Associates, P.C.

"I believe the MAcct program is an excellent program in many respects (i.e.. smaller class sizes, access to one-on-on time with exceptional professors, student preparedness for the CPA exam, etc). However, for me the most rewarding and potentially career enhancing benefit are the relationships I was fortunate to develop with professors and fellow students while in graduate school. These relationships have become the starting point to a vast, easy to access network of knowledge and support I am quite thankful to have!"

Jim Galipeau (BS Accounting, 1984)

CPA, Shareholder, JCCS (Montana-based CPA firm)

"I graduated from COB at the University of Montana in 1984 in accounting. I give a great deal of credit for any success I have had in my professional career to the education I received and the faculty that taught me there. I am still friends with a number of the faculty, some that still teach there! CPA's have a high regard for ethics, objectivity and hard work. Those core values were exemplified at COB among the faculty and staff. I had many role models there that pushed me to try to be excellent at whatever I did. They also showed me that you have to give to your profession as much as you receive. It is because of them that I not only worked in the profession but I worked on the profession through the MSCPA, AICPA and other organizations. I stay involved with COB to this day and it thrills me to see that the traditions that I saw when I was a student are still in place and have become even more excellent!"

Heather Bergman (BS Accounting & Management Information Systems, 2010; MAcct 2011)

Post Graduate Technical Assistant, FASB

"I can honestly say that the University of Montana's College of Business changed my life. My MIS and Accounting education provided me a unique and powerful foundation to build a career. In my position at the FASB, I am expected to conduct research, use technology to complete tasks, work across departments to meet tight deadlines, and, most importantly, think critically about the work I do. While my working schedule is quite different from that of a student, the work itself is very consistent with the course work I completed at CoBA. The faculty gave me numerous opportunities to work in teams, conduct research, form my own opinions, and learn and use technology."

Jessica Trethewey (BS Accounting 2010; MAcct 2011)

Tax Associate/Eide Bailly LLP

"The UM accounting programs equipped me with the tools needed to pass the CPA exam and start my career in public accounting. There were numerous opportunities to interact with employers in order to secure internships during the program and a career before graduation. The faculty was knowledgeable and always available to help with anything."

Kellan Carter (BS Finance 2009)

M&A Analyst/Mooreland Partners

"The Finance department at UM COB provided me all of the necessary tools to excel in Investment Banking. In an industry dominated by Ivy League alumni, UM graduates have the right "backcountry attitude" along with the skill-sets to differentiate themselves in a fiercely competitive atmosphere. I am grateful and proud to have been part of the UM finance program."

Max Jaffe (BS Finance 2011)

Junior Risk Analyst/Private Investment Firm

"As a finance major, you are able to customize your learning track to best fit the areas that are most applicable to you; whether it is corporate finance, banking, or capital markets. That ability, along with a faculty that has the experience and knowledge necessary to seamlessly integrate financial theory with real world application led me to secure a job, as well as help me plan and invest for my future."