Earn your degree in African-American studies at UM and become empowered to speak and act with knowledge, and pursue a career that helps bring about change for the better.

Today, more than ever, it’s important to understand the diverse experiences of African Americans, dating back from the African Diaspora to current events. When you earn your bachelor’s degree in African-American studies at UM — the third oldest African American studies program in the country — you’ll gain a deep understanding of African-American history and contemporary reality, and the skills to act as an effective change agent.

Our African-American studies major offers exciting opportunities for hands-on service learning, internships and undergraduate research, helping you develop historical, analytical and research skills you can apply to diverse careers. You’ll also learn from engaged, creative and fascinating faculty, in classes that are small enough to provide one-on-one attention, and robust enough to take on contemporary events.


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oldest African-American studies program in the country
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