Online Bachelor's Program


The UM Anthropology Department is offering an online Bachelor's Degree! Below, you will find a variety of course offerings to help you plan your schedule for the next academic year. Please contact Tiana Jensen, the Anthropology Undergraduate Adviser, for additional information!

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Online Courses - Current Semester (Spring 2021)
Core: ANTY 210N, ANTY 213N, ANTY 220S, ANTY 250S, ANTY 291 (Quantitative Methods), LING 270S
Sub-area IV: ANTY 427, LING 473

Online Courses - Summer 2021
Core: ANTY 210N, ANTY 250S

Online Courses - Autumn 2021
Core: ANTY 220S, ANTY 250S, LING 270S
Sub-area I: ANTY 312 (Theory), ANTY 430 (Theory/Adv Writing), ANTY 451 (Methods), LING 470 (Theory)
Sub-area III: ANTY 351H
Online Courses - Spring 2022
Core: ANTY 220S, LING 270S
Sub-area II: ANTY 104
Sub-area IV: ANTY 427
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