Research Centers

Center for Environmental Health Sciences

The primary research mission of the Center for Environmental Health Sciences is toadvance knowledge of environmental impacts on human health. The Center bringstogether a critical mass of researchers to investigate mechanisms of pulmonary andcardiovascular diseases, immune and autoimmune disorders, developmental defects,neurodegenerative diseases, genetic susceptibility, and the impacts that environmentalfactors have in causing or exacerbating these conditions.

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Center for Structural and Functional Neuroscience

The mission of the Center for Structural and Functional Neuroscience is to fostermultidisciplinary research and training at the interface of molecular neurophysiology,cellular neurobiology, and molecular neuropharmacology. A diverse groupof faculty representing synthetic chemists, molecular biologists, physiologists, andclinicians form a dynamic and collaborative neuroscience research group.

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Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics

The Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics applies the methods and conceptsof biophysics, structural biology and mathematics to understand the mechanistic basis ofbiological processes in health and disease. CBSD faculty are drawn from the basic andbiomedical sciences campus-wide, and fosters biophysically informed researchthroughout the University of Montana (UM) research community.

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Neural Injury Center

The mission of the Neural Injury Center includes: conducting collaborative scientific andclinical research focused on traumatic brain injury (TBI) to transform laboratorydiscoveries into new therapies; 2) providing clinical screening services for TBI forstudent veterans; and 3) to provide education related to neural injury for patients,families, clinicians, and the public. A special focus of the Center is on student veteransand their families.

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McLaughlin Research Institute

The McLaughlin Research Institute is a center for neurogenetic research on Alzheimer’s,Parkinson’s, and other degenerative nerve diseases. Our work to understand neurodegeneration is the foundation for medical advances that will prevent and cure thesedevastating diseases. The Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization located inGreat Falls, Montana. Our internationally known, genetically engineered mouse modelsfor neurological disease are widely used for testing and developing new therapies.

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