Blackfoot Language Group

Mizuki Miyashita's Research Lab


The Blackfoot Language Group (BLG) is Mizuki Miyashita's research lab in the Linguistics Program at the University of Montana. The aim of the BLG is to produce materials for Blackfoot linguistics research and language teaching. The Blackfoot language is spoken by the members of the Siksika, Kainai, and Pikani tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy. I am grateful for being able to work with amazing individuals of the community who are speakers, teachers and learners of the language. I hope what I document will support the sustainability of Indigenous Knowledge as well as findings in the field of linguistics.

Student members of the BLG working on research projects have been supported by various organizations and grants: Campus Corps (2008-2012), National Endowment for the Humanities (2009-2010), the University of Montana Undergraduate Research Award (2009-2010; 2014), and the Documenting Endangered Language of the National Science Foundation (2013-2016).  Members working on creative projects are volunteers.

BLG Sites

Research Projects

This site disseminates materials documented from fieldwork and research in Blackfoot

Creative Projects

This site provides materials for language learning and teaching


This site shows a record of BLG's presentations, workshops and language instruction assistance.


Speakers and consultants: Barbara After Buffalo, Arlene Augare, James Boy, Annabelle Chatsis, Shirlee Crow Shoe, Gertie Heavy Runner, Klane King, Irene Last Star, Delores Many Bears, Rosella Many Bears, Earl Old Person, Al Potts, Ann Shouting, Oliver Shousting, Celestine Twigg, Susie White Calf, Agness White Grass.

Darren Kipp, Piegan Institute (2014-)
Darrell Kipp, Piegan Institute (-2013)
Joycelyn DesRosier and Megan Lunak, Cuts Wood School (-2013)

Donald Frantz, University of Lethbridge
Inge Genee, University of Lethbridge

Chuck Harris, Social Science Research Lab at the University of Montana