Chris Fleming to lecture on microeconomics of climate adaptation, May 9, 2019

Professor Chris Fleming


Chris Fleming, economics professor at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia will give a talk entitled "EcoAdapt in the Pacific: Microeconomic Analysis" on May 9 at Noon in Liberal Arts 304-305. His talk is sponsored by UM Climate Change Studies and UM BRIDGES.

EcoAdapt is a five-year research project that aims to identify appropriate adaptation interventions in the coastal zone of Pacific island states and territories in the face of a rapidly changing climate and ongoing capital-intensive developments. The project is multi-disciplinary, encompassing oceanographic & coastal process modelling, terrestrial and marine ecosystem analysis, microeconomic analysis, social science, integrated coastal planning and management, and decision-support. For more information, see

In his presentation, he will discuss the microeconomics component of the project, with a specific focus on a recently completed meta-analysis of factors influencing successful completion of climate change adaptation projects in the Pacific and on ongoing work that we are undertaking in the community of Port Resolution, Tanna Island, Vanuatu. 

Chris Fleming is a Professor and MBA Director at Griffith Business School. An applied micro-economist with teaching, consulting and public policy experience, Chris’ research and consulting interests include, social and economic project/program evaluation, natural resource and environmental economics, sustainable development, the economic determinants of subjective wellbeing, the economics of crime and the sustainable management of natural resources. Prior to joining Griffith Business School, Chris worked as a senior consultant for MainStream Economics and Policy, and Marsden Jacob Associates, as well as a senior advisor within the Sustainable Development Policy Group of the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment.