Center for Integrated Research on the Environment

Natural Resources | Cultural Resources | Program Management & Coordination

CIRE offers expert task-based execution and research in natural resource management, cultural resources management, and program management and coordination to our Federal, Tribal, State and private-sector partners via cooperative agreements, grants and partnering opportunities.

The CIRE team executes task-based research for our federal, tribal, and state partners in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Montana. 

CIRE has the expertise to support project execution and task-based research in multiple areas including:

Natural Resources

  • Wildlife surveys and management
  • Threatened and endangered species management
  • Wildlife genetics and gene sequencing
  • Migratory bird monitoring
  • Forestry management and timber stand improvement
  • Invasive vegetation management
  • Agricultural vegetation management
  • Exotic plant propagation
  • Ecological simulation modeling
  • INRMP implementation and updates

Cultural Resources 

  • Archaeological field surveys
  • Inventory curation
  • Traditional cultural properties and landscapes surveys
  • Historic architectural surveys
  • Section 106 consultation support
  • Archaeological monitoring

Tribal consultation

Associated state-of-the-art GIS capabilities and services

Program and project management and coordination

CIRE draws from a broad selection of full-time professional staff, University of Montana faculty and staff, and consulting and contracted partners to form an extensive network of colleagues and collaborators worldwide.