Continuing Education

Montana State Board of Behavioral Health

  • The board updated its continuing education rules for all license types. Those changes are effective as of 3/30/19. See MAR 24-219-32 on the Rules Notices page for more information.
  • The number of CE hours required for each license type have not changed.
  • However, the board no longer pre-approves any courses or sponsors. Each licensee is responsible for taking courses which directly relate to the scopes of practice as defined in board statute.
  • Licensees are responsible for selecting quality programs that contribute to their knowledge and competence.
  • Licensees must maintain documentation of completed CE for three years which shows: licensee name; course title and content description; presenter or sponsor; course date(s); and number of CE hours earned.
  • Licensees only need to submit the above documentation as proof of CE if they are selected for a random CE audit. Licensees will be notified if they are selected for a random CE audit.