How to Apply

All applicants must be admitted to the University of Montana Graduate School.

Visit the Graduate School page to create your online application.

Submit all application materials online through the Graduate School except for official transcripts.

Application materials include

  1. Online application
  2. $70 application fee
  3. Letter of intent - Describe your background, interest, and commitment to the Arts/Education, as well as what future aspirations you will pursue the advancement of this degree. Include what strengths you bring to the program, and indicate why you are interested in an interdisciplinary arts degree.
  4. Resumé - a complete resumé of your professional work
  5. Three letters of recommendation from people who have worked with you and are qualified to judge your academic potential and leadership qualities (Instructions to your recommends will be emailed to them when you provide their information in your online application.)
  6. Two of the following:

       a. A digital portfolio of high quality scholarly and/or artistic contributions demonstrating your experience and ability to function with excellence in the field of the Arts and/or Education. Please provide a link to your website or digital portfolio in your Letter of Intent or on your Resumé. Physical submissions will not be accepted. Examples include: a portfolio of artistic work or performances (samples of creative writing, images of visual art with labels, footage or reviews of concerts or performances); a portfolio of your teaching expertise; a portfolio of publications in peer-reviewed journals; a portfolio of presentations at state or national conferences

        b. A written statement supporting your resumé that highlights your high-level, relevant experience in the field of teaching and/or the arts

    Note: While most applicants have arts and/or teaching experience, some may not (such as someone changing career paths), and other significant experience may be acceptable. We welcome applications from people from various backgrounds. For any questions about your application materials, please contact Faith Morrison at

        c. A phone or in-person interview with Director Faith Morrison demonstrating your ability to function with excellence in the discipline.

  7. Send official transcripts denoting a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution to:

           The Creative Pulse
           College of the Arts and Media
           University of Montana,MMAC 102 
           Missoula, MT 59812-8208

    Note: If your undergraduate degree is from the University of Montana, you do not need to submit those transcripts.

Applications will be reviewed in the order received. A limited number of seats are available each year. We strongly encourage you to complete your application early in the year. Applications may be accepted after the deadline based upon space available.