Undergraduate Creative Writing Programs

The UM Creative Writing Program is for students from all backgrounds and disciplines. We offer students two degree paths: a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. If you are in another program but passionate about writing, consider a minor in English where you can take creative writing courses. 

Our programs offers a broad array of classes in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry: workshops, courses in reading and revision, and a class where students solicit, choose, and publish submissions to The Oval, the undergraduate literary magazine.

Students learn from the best in our department as the professors who teach creative writing courses at the undergraduate level are the same professors who lead the graduate program. Undergraduates are welcome to attend the readings, craft lectures, and panels hosted by the MFA program

Our graduates are prepared for positions requiring creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to write. Their careers range from rock star to poet laureate (Colin Meloy, lead singer for the Decemberists, and Victor Charlo/Michael Earl Craig, respectively.) They follow paths you might expect and become journalists, editors, lawyers, marketing professionals, teachers, copywriters, bloggers, novelists, etc. Or they do something surprising, like organic farming or medicine.

No matter what you decide to pursue, creative writing helps you articulate your ideas through stories and analysis, an invaluable skill.  

Information about undergraduate scholarships is available on the Scholarships and Awards page.

Creative Writing Highlights