Welcome to DiverseU

DiverseU provides a forum for honest dialogue in order to explore the complexities of human experience, promote understanding, and create community through the practice of civil discourse.


DiverseU 2019

The University of Montana's 14th annual diversity symposium, DiverseU, will be November 5th - 7th, 2019. DiverseU is a campus-wide series of events focused on topics of diversity. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members discuss, present, perform, and exhibit art throughout the three-day symposium.

Letter from the President

At the University of Montana, we commit to fully realizing our bold promise to provide broad access for people to reach their full potential. By cultivating a diverse and inclusive learning environment that supports the success of each individual, we foster an academic community rich with creativity, innovation, and discovery. Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of academic excellence and of our students' future success as members of diverse communities. We therefore seek diversity in all of its forms, actively listening to and learning from others and openly building a learning environment that respects and values difference.

- President Seth Bodnar