UM's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

UM's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

Strategy 2.1.2 (Curricular Revision)

Examine and revise curricula to be inclusive of cross-cultural/BIPOC and LGBTQ authors/thinkers, and non-western ways of knowing*

*Standard Faculty Senate procedures for curricular review and approval will be followed when required.

Owners/Accountable Party

  • Provost
  • Faculty Senate


Near-term Actions

Future Actions

  • Develop and offer a faculty-designed “Representation Matters” workshop to support faculty in their efforts to add multicultural, intercultural and decolonizing or Indigenous perspectives content to syllabi and curriculum
  • Add diversity, equity, and inclusion statements on syllabi (promote and make available faculty/ASCRC-generated examples that faculty can use and access on the Diversity website)
  • Add land acknowledgment to syllabi

Completed and Ongoing Actions

  • Work with Native American Studies on a Masters-level degree and develop a “strand” in Native American Studies within the Doctoral Interdisciplinary Studies program
  • Continue conversation with MSU abut a cross-MUS graduate certificate in African-American Studies