Campus Resources for Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) Compliance

Creating accessible instructional materials

Accessible Technology Services provides supports on:

  • document conversion
  • Assistive Technology
  • captioning for audio recording and video
  • Software/hardware accessibility review
  • Web accessibility

Accessible Technology Services (ATS) in Social Sciences 120, at 406.243.2082 or

Posting instructional materials on Moodle

UMOnline assists faculty members with assuring the instruction and reading materials on Moodle are accessible. 

UMOnline at 406.243.4999 or 

Getting captioned versions of videos

Mansfield Library Accessibility Services helps locate captioned versions of videos. 

Teressa Keenan, Mansfield Library, at 406.243.4592 or 

Posting instructional materials in Course Reserve

The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library has policies and procedures on placing instructional materials on Course Reserve

Julia Jackman-Brink, Mansfield Library, at 406.243.6730 or or

Creating captioning for audio recording and video for your deaf and hard of hearing students

Disability Services notifies faculty that deaf or hard-of-hearing students, who are registered with the office, have registered their courses. Disability Services provides captioning services for those faculty members so that their course materials are accurately captioned. 

Denise May, Disability Services for Students, at 406.243.2481 or