Emergency Preparedness

Safety and Emergency Preparedness at the University of Montana

We are dedicated to the safety of everyone at the University of Montana. But UM police officers cannot be everywhere, so we depend on the community to be our eyes and ears. It is vital that you trust your instincts and report anything that does not seem right. Call UMPD at 406.243.6131 to reach a dispatcher. In case of an emergency, call UMPD at 406.243.4000.

Emergency Preparedness means being ready.

It takes all of us to create and sustain an effective emergency preparedness system. You are your own best first responder. In case of an emergency, the most important advice we have is this:

  1. Do something, Report and Help someone if you can
  2. Create distance between you and the threat

UM’s Emergency Procedures are outlined in a quick guide, which you can print out and post on campus. The University also has a complete Emergency Operations Plan that covers in more detail how we respond to human-caused emergencies and natural disasters.

If you are interested in taking a more active role in developing and implementing an emergency plan for your area, please contact UMPD_CaseManager@mso.umt.edu with the subject line: Emergency Operations Officer.

Communication Tools

Emergencies may range from inclement weather to a chemical spill or a reported shooting or fire. UM has a variety of tools to communicate with the public during emergencies. Depending on the type of emergency, we may use some or all of the tools available to communicate with faculty, staff and students. For more information see: The University of Montana Emergency Communication Plan.