Faculty and staff may use Handshake as an employer, as an alum, and also as a student. ELCS can help you with creating the account/s you would like to better connect you to students and opportunities. Please note there is no faculty/staff specific role in Handshake.

  • Your student (when you are not a UM alum) account: Request a student account if you would like to access Handshake as a student. This is helpful when you are advising students about opportunities available in Handshake (internships, jobs, career events, interviews, etc.). Please contact karey.sabol@mso.umt.edu to request access to Handshake in this capacity.
  • Your employer account: If you would like to post work-study, full-time, or part-time jobs, internships, volunteer, or research opportunities in Handshake for UM students, you will need a Handshake employer account.
  • Your alum account: If you are a UM alum (within 2 years post graduation), and would like to view opportunities in Handshake, you can set up your account using your netID and password.
  • If you want more than one role: Faculty and staff may want to have dual roles in Handshake, a student and employer (you might want to hire a student on campus) we can help you with that. First, set up your employer account, then contact karey.sabol@mso.umt.edu for your student account.

We are happy to work with you and show demonstrations of how Handshake works. Just let us know what you need!