ElevateU at University of Montana

Your Griz Guide to Career Success

ElevateU encompasses all of the resources and opportunities UM offers to ensure you are well-prepared, for your future career. This guide is seamlessly integrated into your UM experience making you not just a bystander in your career journey but an active participant. ElevateU is woven into your coursework here at UM as well as into other experiential learning opportunities offered on campus such as student employment, study abroad, service projects, or scoring that internship that will help you to get a foot in the door after graduation. ElevateU is your toolkit to ensure that you are well-prepared, not just academically, but with the practical skills and experiences necessary for a successful transition into your chosen careers. 

ElevateU is a campus-wide initiative administered by Experiential Learning and Career Success, made possible through the generous support of donors, administrators, faculty, and staff.

How can ElevateU Guide Me On My Career Journey?

ElevateU guides you in providing resources to help you Explore your interests, the opportunities to Expand your skillset, and the preparation to Embark on your future career. Each of these components encompasses a variety of resources and opportunities for your to become career-ready, but you don't have to follow each one in order. You can also engage in different parts at different times to fit your needs; you can even revisit certain parts of the program. The goal is for you to acquire lifelong professional development skills.


Video: Discover ElevateU