UM Asbestos Management Procedures

For all concerns pertaining to asbestos, including past clearance testing records and building materials sampling results, call the UM work order desk at 406-243-6091 or email .

Requests for access to records will be acknowledged by email within 2 business days and appointments for access will be scheduled in consultation with the requestor .

For basic information about the campus asbestos management program, call or email:

Brad Evanger, Facilities Services, 406-243-4180, 406-544-0534,


Chris Newlon, Facilities Services, 406-243-5200, 406-207-1126,

McGill Hall Reopens March 11

McGill Hall reopened March 11. The contractors have completed cleaning and the required testing for the first and second floors of McGill Hall.  The basement of McGill Hall remains closed at this time.

McGill Hall Consultation Summary Report

McGill Hall Consultation Post-Maintenance Report

McGill Hall Closure

Asbestos test results received Jan. 31 prompted University administration to close McGill Hall until further notice. Classes, labs and other activities have been rescheduled. A list of McGill Hall classes that have been moved to alternate locations is available here.  

All air quality tests in the building have indicated that the air is safe to breathe, but surface tests indicated the presence of asbestos in several locations. We have learned from the certified industrial hygienists that surface tests do not correlate directly to health risks. But because the safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority, we made the decision to close the facility. 

Air tests have indicated that there is not a health risk in McGill Hall.  Still, certified asbestos abatement professionals will perform a thorough cleaning of McGill Hall beginning Feb. 8. It is estimated that faculty, staff and students may be able to reoccupy McGill Hall by the end of the month. However, any reopening of McGill Hall will only happen after all necessary cleaning and testing has occurred.

We appreciate your cooperation as we make arrangements to ensure the safety of our community.

More information will be posted on this website as it becomes available.

McGill Hall Cleanup Progress, Feb. 23 (PDF)

UM Asbestos Test Data

Asbestos Test Data: Missoula Area Education Cooperative-Craighead, Feb. 15 (PDF)

Asbestos Air Test Data: Craighead, Feb. 11 (PDF)

Asbestos Surface Test Data: Craighead, Feb. 8 (PDF)

Asbestos Air Test Data: McGill Hall, Feb. 7 (PDF)

Asbestos Air Test Data: ASUM Child Care in Education Building, Feb. 7 (PDF)

Asbestos Air Test Data: ASUM Child Care in Craighead Family Student Housing, Feb. 7 (PDF)

Asbestos Surface Test Data: Temporary ASUM Childcare, Feb. 6 (PDF)

Asbestos Surface Test Data: McGill Hall, Jan. 31 (PDF)

Asbestos Air and Surface Test Data: ASUM Childcare, Jan. 21 (PDF)

Asbestos Air Test Data: McGill Hall Room 212, Dec. 14 (PDF)

Historical Data on Asbestos in McGill Hall (PDF)

McGill Hall Asbestos Timeline

McGill Hall Asbestos Identification and Testing Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from Jan. 31 ASUM Childcare parent meeting

FAQS from Feb. 1 campus community meeting

EPA Asbestos Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)



Asbestos Facts Sheet

Asbestos Facts Sheet by UM Associate Professor Julie Baldwin (PDF)


Input session on potential locations for ASUM Child Care:

  • 9-10:30 a.m., Thursday, March 14, UC Theater
  • 2-3:30 p.m., Thursday, March 14, Missoula College Room 340
  • 9-10:30 a.m., Friday, March 15, UC Theater

“Childhood Exposure to Asbestos: What Do We Know?” noon, Thursday, Feb. 7, Skaggs Building Room 174. View a recording of Professor Noonan's lecture here.

Campus informational meeting, noon, Thursday, Feb. 7, in the University Center Theater.

Informational meeting for parents of children in ASUM Child Care, 4 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 7, University Center Theater.

Submit Feedback

UM Asbestos Feedback Form

UM Asbestos Operations

UM Asbestos Operations (PDF)

UM Memo on Inspections/Maintenance in Buildings with Asbestos, Feb. 25 (PDF)

UM Updates

President Bodnar's message, Feb. 1

McGill Hall update, Feb. 4

President Bodnar update, Feb. 8

ASUM Parent Email Updates

Campus Update: McGill Hall, Protocols, Cleaning, etc., Feb. 28

Update: ASUM Child Care, March 25